Private Meditation Courses & Coaching

Kevin Hume conducts private one-on-one, couples and small group meditation courses at his tranquil studio just minutes from the Perth CBD in Northbridge.

Private sessions allow individualized attention and are often conducted upon referral from GPs, psychologists, psychiatrists, neurologists or other medical specialists or counselors. These consultations are designed to deal confidentially with your own unique challenges and are customised to your requirements.

Courses usually run for four, six or eight sessions, after which you will be proficient with a range of techniques suited to your own needs.

If you spend only one hour in your week on yourself, this should be it. I found it to be an extremely time efficient way of balancing the stress of everyday life and re-focusing. The benefits of this course are profound.

Richard Evans, Arts Consultant and former CEO Sydney Opera House.

Private Consultations are held at 2/100 Aberdeen St, Northbridge.

Press buzzer at White Door in Orange Wall in Laneway for entrance to Director’s Suite behind 100 Aberdeen Street ten metres from Lake Street.

2/100 Aberdeen St, Northbridge WA 6003

Private or small group consultations can help you:
  • Develop greater confidence in all facets of your life
  • Manage conflict with less distress and fewer confrontations
  • Find a better balance between your work and personal life
  • Improve your ability to manage continuing health problems including severe physical pain
  • Become more in tune with your environment, family and friends
  • Put the bounce back in your step and the enjoyment back into your daily life
  • Enjoy meditation for the sheer pleasure of it and
  • Get a really good night’s sleep.
  • Relax the body and de-stress the mind
  • Resolve longstanding emotional difficulties in a positive fashion
  • Reduce your anxieties and diminish anxiety-related states
  • Diminish destructive emotions and habits and increase your emotional intelligence
  • Find greater clarity of mind and focus in all you do
  • Develop a more compassionate, kind and loving nature
  • Appreciate and improve your ability to master the art of happiness
  • Improve your ability to deal with major life crises in your work, health or relationships


You can book individual sessions or receive a discounted fee for a set series of pre-booked and pre-paid sessions. All sessions are of one hour duration. Initial sessions can be slightly longer for diagnostic purposes to discuss client priorities and set an agreed course structure.

You can pay by cheque or cash at the session, or by direct debit or credit card using PayPal in advance of the session (online only). No credit card or bank transfer facility available at sessions.

To arrange a trial session or book a series contact Kevin on 0408 344 663 or email

Price for single session: $125
Price for multiple sessions: $100 per session.


Price for single session: $150
Price for multiple sessions: $125 per session.


Price for single session: $200
Price for multiple sessions: $150 per session.



Course Content & mp3s

Paid-up private clients can access all consultations content and MP3s by entering the provided course username and password.

We came to learn to de-stress from our stressful jobs and difficulties in balancing our home and family and work commitments. Instead we found our doubles-act meditation sessions gave us a whole new way of looking at the world and understanding our differences – not least as a male and female! Not what we started out with but a great leap forward in personal and relationship growth. Wow! Jenny Shenken & Gavin Murdoch, Accounts & Communications Managers, Sydney.