Workplace Meditation

Kevin Hume has worked extensively in government and the corporate sector. In his communications consultancy he specialized in strategic advice to Cabinet Ministers, heads of government departments and agencies and their private sector equivalents.

As a high level journalist and later as senior adviser to a ground-breaking industrial relations cabinet minister, Kevin has been both observer and participant at a policy level in changing workplace practice and the legislative framework within which such practices take place for over 30 years. For 12 years as Director of the Sydney Meditation Centre, he has provided well tested, highly regarded pioneering courses and coaching with Australia’s leading government and private sector organisations and corporate players.

As a workplace consultant in Perth he can now create from both sound practical experience and thorough theoretical knowledge, a course tailor-made to the needs of you and your organization.

His workplace courses emphasize practical ways to:

  • Work with greater focus and fewer distractions
  • Reduce stress and anxiety levels
  • Manage health more intelligently
  • Enhance confidence and ability to meet any workplace challenge with skill and success
  • Develop emotional resilience and strength
  • Enhance emotional intelligence and creativity at work
  • Improve job satisfaction, workplace performance and productivity
  • Create better working relationships and a more harmonious workplace
  • Learn to step back and take a more measured and strategic approach to workplace issues on both a personal and organizational basis.

Our focus continually fights distractions, both inner an outer. The question is, “What are our distractions costing us?” The onslaught of data leads to sloppy short-cuts, like triaging email by heading, skipping through voice mails, skimming messages and memos. All of this was foreseen in 1977 by the Nobel-winning economist Herbert Simon. Writing about the coming information-rich world, he warned that what information consumes is “the attention of its recipients”. Hence a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention.

Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence, Daniel Goleman 2013

Course Options

As standard course options Kevin Hume and Perth Meditation Courses & Coaching offer:

  • A one hour or two hour introductory session focusing on key workplace issues and stress-release meditation techniques. Participants will be introduced to basic techniques and their uses.
  • A six or eight week structured course with each session of up to one hour devoted to one basic meditation and the introduction of a fresh meditation or mind-focused technique each week designed to help deal specifically with workplace performance issues.

The emphasis throughout is on:

  • Providing exercises of immediate relevance and usefulness in a workplace context
  • Direct experience in meditating and mind-focused techniques
  • The provision of a variety of different easy-to-learn practical techniques which can be used at any time throughout the working day as your needs require
  • Providing a sound, evidence-based explanation for each technique learned

Perhaps the most important resource-building human trait is productivity at work. It should come as no surprise that happier people are markedly more satisfied with their jobs than less happy people. Research suggests, however, that more happiness actually causes more productivity and higher income. It turns out that adults and children who are put in a good mood select higher goals, perform better, and persist longer on a variety of tasks.

Authentic Happiness, Martin D Seligman 2012.


  • By Arrangement
  • Client-specific and
  • Dependent upon such factors as class numbers and specific workplace requirements.

Fees vary on average between $350 and $600 per hour for a one-off session or at a discounted rate of $250 to $400 per session for a six or eight session course module.

You or your organisation can pay by credit card using PayPal or direct debit as well as by cheque or money order.


If you have completed a workplace session with Kevin you have complimentary access to the following guided meditations, which are accessible using the password provided at your session.

  • Bodywork (for relaxation and de-stressing).
  • Loving Kindness ( for cultivating a more harmonious mood and emotional intelligence).

Additional guided meditations can be purchased via the Sydney Meditation Centre online shop.

So much great feedback (for your session) and I will absolutely be recommending you to fellow
colleagues in future.

Sarah Robinson

State Agreements & Approvals , Rio Tinto Perth

‘Just a short note to thank you for the workshop you conducted with the CEO Institute… and the presentation itself, which was extremely well received by our members. The average rating given by members was 9 out of 10. With your permission we will contact you again in the future (for more presentations to our members)’.
Robyn Dowsing, Member Services Administrator (NSW), CEO Institute.

‘As CEO of both Privacy NSW and the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board, I am sensitive to the impact stress can have on the health, well-being and productivity of busy staff members. Kevin Hume’s course was not only one of the most popular my staff have undertaken, but also of undoubted effectiveness in helping staff find ways of reducing stress and working in a high pressure environment with increased focus and peace of mind’
Chris Puplick, President NSW Anti-Discrimination Board & NSW Privacy Commissioner.